Stress & Node War Last but not least Arrive  July 21 2016

After what seems an eternity, Black Desert Online players can experience the Siege & Node War given that it's been deployed in live servers. Siege Warfare will take place each and every day with culminating battles about Saturdays. The schedule for equally NA and EU servers is posted about the forum so check and make sure to are ready.

In other BDO information, it appears that, once again, servers are under DNS attack and therefore are unstable. Cheapblack desert silver

Greetings Adventurers,

Recently our servers have been the target of ongoing DDoS Attacks that have resulted in many avid gamers experiencing connectivity issues together with server instability and lag spikes. These attacks have been distributed across multiple online game servers and our authentication hosts.

As you can imagine working with these problems has been difficult to express the least, and as a result many players are actually impacted by the outcomes. We have been trying to resolve the problems, but as many understand we still have work to do. Most recently we have contacted multiple Online sites Providers for assistance throughout mitigating the attacks, and as a result a number of them have applied countermeasures intended for protection which inadvertently might be contributing to the disconnects. We will be continuing our coordination while using the various ISP companies to discover a suitable solution asap.


Recently we changed our Port Setup and a few users have had good results forwarding ports 9991, 9992 and 9993. While the specific instruction on how to get this done varies from router to help router our Help Table Article has additional links to aid.

We also would like to announce that, because of the situation, we will be offering to our players the following objects. (We're planning to send them by in-game snail mail on Friday the 22nd involving July)

2*GM's Intermediate Lucky Field
5*GM's Blessing 2 (1h)

Our next course of action is to improve our server equipment. To facilitate these changes i will be sending a portion of of Team towards the NA Data Center, but in the interim we wish to request some additional information from those being impacted.

If you would prefer to assist us in narrowing straight down these issues, we’ve included a form with a set of instructions on how in order to submit useful data. This will be analyzed by our tech team because they work to resolve the difficulty.

* Note there is an optional step by the end for advanced users wishing to contribute additional information.

We understand that it's caused problems for lots of the Community, and we assure you that the problem has our undivided attention. As soon as we now have more information to report it will have another announcement.

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