Latest Patch Interview & Player Discontent  June 21 2016

The Daum team has a short interview on the official forums to reveal some background information about why certain changes were implemented in the latest update. Topics include processing, changes in the  Ghillie suit, class balance changes coming in the future and skill resets.

    We are currently in the process of developing a revamped skill system. The development time will require hopefully only a few weeks, however we see the necessity to offer a more flexible skill tree management.

While the topics discussed within this interview seem to be popular with posters on the forum, especially with regards to skill overhaul, there seems to be a number of issues that have cropped up as a result of the latest patch.

According to this post on our forum, a number of features seem to be broken or less effective than intended leading some to wonder how much testing was put in place prior to the deployment of the patch. full stock black desert silver  online help!

You can read more about the topic by following the links above.

Have you played BDO after the recent patch? What are your thoughts on the matter?




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